About BASRaT

BASRaT is the UK regulator for Sport Rehabilitation Graduates. The BASRaT register has been approved as an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.

As the number of people participating in sport and exercise at all levels continues to increase, so too do the diverse demands on healthcare practitioners. Couple this with the nationwide drive to make Britain a healthier place and get people of all ages and physical conditions exercising; there is a definite need for exercise and rehabilitation professionals who can work alongside and complement the existing healthcare practitioners.

BASRaT graduates are trained solely in Sports and Exercise Medicine, with an emphasis on the design and implementation of exercise and rehabilitation programmes in both health and disease. St. Mary's University College and the University of Salford were the pioneering institutions to run degree programmes of this nature, and have since been joined by several other institutions. To ensure that all accredited courses were of a high equitable standard, and that all graduates conformed to strict codes of professional practice and conduct, the British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers was born.

This website provides a comprehensive overview of the organisation and members of BASRaT. Care has been taken to ensure that relevant and appropriate information is available on this site however should you have any questions regarding any aspect of BASRaT after reading this information, or you would like to request specific documentation, please contact us.

BASRaT also provides a platform from which Sport Rehabilitators can promote their work, both nationally and internationally, and indeed further themselves through a rigorous process of continuing professional development.

BASRaT is an organisation that has an elected Executive Committee, whereby each committee member is elected for a minimum period of one year. Voting takes place preceding the Annual General Meeting of the organisation.

Executive Committee Members

Chair Of Exec Committee: Dr Allan Munro

Membership Officer: Adam Naylor

Student Liaison Officer: Dr Liz Fowler

Secretary: Dr Hollie White
(Graduate Sport Rehabilitator & Warwick Medical School, Coventry)

Accreditation Officer: Richard Moss
(Graduate Sport Rehabilitator, Lecturer & private practitioner)

Membership Officer: Adam Naylor

Quality Officer: Dr Chris Wilcox
(Graduate Sport Rehabilitator, Lecturer, Researcher, University of Hull)

CPD Officer: Dr Allan Munro
(Graduate Sport Rehabilitator, Lecturer, Private Practitioner, University of Salford)

Student Liaison Officer: Dr Lucy Hammond

Lay Member: Dr John Morgan
(General Practitioner, Pennygate Medical Centre, Wigan, Lancashire Sports Doctor and Sports Medicine educator)

Lay Member: Dr Richard Collins

Chief Executive Office

Chief Executive Officer: Steve Aspinall

Registrar: Ollie Coburn

Communications Manager: Victoria Wakenshaw

Web Developer: Tim Bertenshaw

Administrator: Ryan Gordon

BASRaT Ethics Committee

Dr Richard Jones
(Senior Lecturer in Prosthetics and Orthotics, University of Salford)

Dr Kristen Hollands
(Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of Salford)

Rick Boote
(College Registrar, College of Health and Social Care, University of Salford)

Helen Miller RM
(Macmillan Psychological Nurse Specialist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust)

Please take a look at the BASRaT governance model here

Please check the contact page for individual email addresses.