Gold and Bronze for Ice Hockey

22 April 2022

Sport Rehabilitators supported GB Ice Hockey at the World Championship Division II Group Games recently.

Sport Rehabilitators, Robyn Crebbin and Emma Sanders supported Women’s TeamGB who won gold and Robert Smith, U18s men's who came away with bronze.

We caught up with Robyn and Emma who gave us the inside scoop:-

“Travelling with the GB squad is always an honour, they’re a bunch of dedicated and passionate athletes who always take on board advice and work with the medical staff to stay at the top of their game for not just the tournament but the whole year. I have been with the team for 6 years and this is easily the greatest achievement and hopefully they will go on to prove they can compete at a higher level.” Robyn Crebbin. 

Emma goes on to say “I’ve been a part of the medical team providing rehab and therapy support for Great Britain Women’s ice hockey team since May 2021. We flew to Jaca, Spain in April for the Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships where the team had an intense 10 day tournament, consisting of 4 games and 6 training sessions over the 10 day period. The girls blew the other nations away with an impressive 4 wins out of 4 scoring 17 goals and only conceding 1! The girls have worked incredibly hard on both their on and off ice fitness this season with the aim of winning the gold medal and they achieved just that.
I was fortunate to have another Sport Rehabilitator and a doctor travel with the team to provide the first aid, therapy, rehab and medical support during the tournament. We were lucky that no major injuries were sustained so my role consisted mainly of maintenance treatment and regular mobility flow sessions to see the girls through.
It’s a great opportunity to travel abroad and support a national program and I couldn’t be prouder of what the girls achieved this year, resulting in winning the gold medal and securing promotion into the next pool of world championship.”


Equitable access to high quality community rehabilitation

24 February 2022

Call to prioritise the provision of community rehabilitation services

BASRaT is a member of the Community Rehabilitation Alliance (CRA). The alliance is a partnership of more than 50 charities and professional bodies who are all committed to improving commissioning, planning and delivery of rehabilitation. It is in this shared endeavour that we have signed this letter to Lord Kamall, clearly setting out the need for tangible measures to ensure that rehabilitation services are at the heart of developing future NHS services.


The alliance’s priorities are 
· To gain political commitment to delivering universal access to rehabilitation to meet needs
· Improve the quality of rehabilitation through new models, better data collection, planning, commissioning and delivery of services.

View the letter here.

Updated Infection Control Guidance for BASRaT registrants

23 November 2021

BASRaT Guidance to registrants: Infection control and operating procedures for the control of seasonal respiratory infections (including Covid-19)

BASRaT Guidance to registrants: Infection control and operating procedures for the control of seasonal respiratory infections (including Covid-19) is available to view


Enhance your Concussion knowledge

26 August 2021

Vital Courses and Resources


  • 90% of sports-related concussions take place without the individual losing consciousness.
  • After a concussion, athletes are 3-4x more likely to sustain another within the same season
Ensure your concussion knowledge is up-to-date with the resources provided below. A number of high-profile concussion cases have highlighted the consequences of head injuries and a recent report from the House of Commons DCMS Committee has strongly recommended a national UK protocol for concussion and best practice. We will keep you updated on all aspects of best practice.

The key message - If in doubt, sit them out.

Links for Healthcare Practitioners
  • England Rugby Headcase Guidance, and e-learning modules View  
  • Headcase Extended Guidance – How to identify and manage suspected  concussions, spot suspected concussions and potentially reduce the risk View
  • The FA’s Concussion Guidelines Interactive module How to recognise and manage a concussion from the time of injury through to a player’s safe  return to football. Visit  
  • The FA Concussion Guidelines - View  Guidelines PDF - View
Links to help educate participants in sport
  • The FA's Concussion for players film: lessons from the pitch. An educational tool for players and coaches, first hand stories of players putting themselves at risk   whilst concussed. View 
  • A useful link to provide to those suffering from concussion. The information will help both people in the early stages of recovery and those who experience ongoing problems. Mild head injury and concussion | Headway     







COVID-19 update: advice to members regarding 19th July easing of restrictions

16 July 2021

Read BASRaT's latest update regarding the easing of restrictions on 19th July

A short update on requirements from the 19th July onwards (in England).

PPE - We've had confirmation from Public Health England that there will be no changes to Personal Protective Equipment guidance. This means you should continue to use: 

- A type 2R face mask

- Single use gloves

- Single use apron

- The use of visors / eye protecion on a risk-assessed basis

PHE have not yet advised on a date for the revision of this guidance. This level of PPE is important for keeping you, your patients and staff safe - it also exempts you from isolation if you are in contact with a patient that later tests positive.

Patient face coverings - Patients should continue to wear face coverings (unless they are exempt) in healthcare settings. This will be consistent with ongoing Government and PHE guidance. Our guidance on patient face coverings will remain as it is now.

Vaccination status - Vaccination status is not relevant with regards to the use of PPE and face coverings as the same PPE is required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to ask patients to disclose this information for these purposes.

Classes and group activity - The legal limits on gatherings and social distancing will end. However, the government are encouraging businesses to maintain the safe working practices, additional cleaning and ensuring good ventilation. Where possible, it would be advisable to maintain social distancing and minimise contact between participants.

We should be able to clarify points in more detail next week. Please bare with us in awaiting updates to the guidance document. If you have any questions, please contact Ollie on                       BASRaT Team.