Updated guidance regarding Face-to-Face appointments

04 June 2020

Following the UK Government’s changes to social distancing measures, BASRaT has just issued updated guidance regarding Face-to-Face (F2F) appointments.

The update provides guidance on: rehabilitation and training outdoors; shielding groups; those who are not responding to virtual management and care delivered in domiciliary settings. Compiled by BASRaT for Registrants, the thorough Guidance follows changes to social distancing measures, including

- Government guidelines           - Patients who are shielding          - Professional Liability Insurance          - Professional and Regulatory Responsibilities          - F2F Decision Making Process          -Risk Assessment & Management          - PPE and Infection Control           -       Screening and Classification          - Evaluating the clinical need for F2F and defining “urgent"          - Patient not responding to virtual management          - Informing the patient and obtaining consent          - Treatment planning          - Providing care in the community setting or in patients’ homes          - Providing Rehabilitation and Training outdoors

View the complete document here 

Over the last few months, BASRaT has been working hard to guide our Registrants through the challenges we have faced. Following the UK Government's announcement of “lockdown” BASRaT acted quickly to issue guidance that face to face appointments should not take place, and should be replaced by virtual consultations. To support this challenging transition, BASRaT funded access to telehealth and exercise rehabilitation software for all its registrants, this quickly provided a practical solution and enabled registrants to continue practising safely; protecting both themselves and the public. Alongside this, BASRaT produced guidance on the implementation of virtual consultations and hosted webinars with experts in telehealth to provide registrants with the vital skills and knowledge needed to make use of this new way of working. 

BASRaT also joined forces with 16 other organisations to tackle financial challenges, writing to the Chancellor, requesting that the Treasury review the measures in place to support businesses that had been overlooked.

BASRaT’s register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, the PSA develops standards for regulators and accredited registers and encourages them to develop good practice. BASRaT has worked with the 27 Registers making up the Accredited Registers Collaborative group on specific issues and BASRaT has been thankful to engage with other healthcare professional bodies and regulators on shared challenges throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.