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ARMA’s ‘Act Now’; Report on MSK Health Inequalities and Deprivation

Monday, 18 March 2024

Musculoskeletal Health Inequalities and Deprivation report

ARMA’s ‘Act Now’; Report on MSK Health Inequalities and Deprivation The Act Now: Musculoskeletal Health Inequalities and Deprivation report from ARMA highlights the impact of social and economic determinants of health on those living with MSK conditions, recognising that people in deprived areas face far greater challenges in managing their MSK conditions and accessing quality MSK services.

The report aims to address the drivers of poor musculoskeletal health acting on people living in deprivation and bring a focus to the part health services across the UK can play to address inequalities.

The report provides practical advice and signposting for health systems, MSK services and practitioners in a position to shift the dial in the right direction and implement innovative strategies to overcome barriers to healthcare access and tackle unequal health outcomes in MSK health.

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Key recommendations from the report include:

• Getting closer to and knowing your community better – solutions such as moving services into community spaces make them more accessible to under-served groups from deprived areas.

• Developing shared ownership of services through engagement and co-production.

• Using data to identify, tackle and monitor barriers to access and unequal health outcomes.

• Targeting intensive and tailored supported self-management where need is greatest.

You can read the full report here -

Sharing strategies and expertise globally to develop our professions

Tuesday, 05 March 2024

BASRaT at the 7th IOC World Conference

BASRaT recently attended the IOC World Conference on the Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport over in Monaco. BASRaT CEO and Chair of the Executive Committee are pictured along with the Presidents of the NATA, CATA, ARTI and WFATT.

In addition to meeting with heads of governing bodies, it was a fantastic opportunity to work with the World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy and our International Arrangement partners to continue to develop our professions both locally and globally. Sharing strategies, experience and expertise, we are working together to ensure that Sport Rehabilitation and Athletic Therapy and Training are a profession for the future; safe, effective and contemporary.

With more countries interested in joining the International Arrangement, the future for us as a global profession is bright, it will be an exciting couple of decades!    

Campaign for life-changing NHS rehab services to be available to all

Thursday, 22 February 2024

Right to Rehab Campaign supported by Steven Fry and the Community Rehab Alliance

Calling for an end to the postcode lottery for NHS rehabilitation services that help people recover from the likes of car crashes, cancer or strokes, the campaign wants life-changing NHS rehab services to be made available to everyone in the UK no matter where they live. 

BASRaT is a member of the Community Rehab Alliance which supports the campaign alongside over 20 healthcare charities, royal colleges such as the British Geriatric and the Stroke Association.

Stephen Fry stresses how important rehab for all is “I had a very nasty fall from a 6ft high stage onto concrete. The orthopaedic surgeon warned me that people who had fallen from lesser heights had never walked again. I am one of the lucky ones and I am feeling whole and healed thanks to good physiotherapy.

        On a black background, footsteps are shown. The text reads, 'This is Adrian learning to walk aged 60. Adrian lost his leg, leaving him with a prosthetic. Thanks to rehabilitation, he's up and walking. But shockingly, rehab isn't available everywhere. Help us end this postcode lottery.'  

I feel very lucky to be able to walk again which is why I’m supporting this campaign to make rehabilitation services available no matter where you live. Rehabilitation is just as important as medicine and surgery in helping people reclaim their lives after injury, illness or because of long-term conditions. Everyone deserves access to rehabilitation and I back this campaign to have rehab reps in every hospital to ensure everyone gets the right help at the right time.”

View resources and sign the petition here -

Follow the Instagram collaboration with Stephen Fry          


BASRaT Collaboration with the CSP

Tuesday, 06 February 2024

Highlighting the quality assurance of registered Sport Rehabilitators as Exercise Professionals

BASRaT CEO, Steve Aspinall recently worked with the CSP to produce a series of FAQs focussing on Exercise Professionals (EPs) including Sport Rehabilitators. The FAQs cover Qualifications, roles of EPs, scope of practice, Regulation and recruitment.

The questions highlight the profession of Sport Rehabilitators, stressing how important regulation is.

View here - 


BGS urges UK Governments to act now

Wednesday, 15 November 2023

- Access to health and social care needed by older people

In January this year, the British Geriatrics Society published a statement about the rights of older people to health and social care. BASRaT supported this statement – our members see the impact of the crisis in health and social care on older people every day. 

This statement was published with the hope that this winter things would be different. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not enough has changed over the last year and we are worried that this winter will be just as bad as the last for older people and the healthcare professionals caring for them. 

The British Geriatrics Society have refreshed their call for action and the steps that must be taken, and we again lend our support. We cannot continue like this. View the BGS Statement here.